Let’s Talk About: Dreams — Babies

People often dream they are pregnant or are holding a baby…what does that often mean? It probably isn’t literal, but it may be saying more than you think!
Recie interprets a dream sent to Streams Ministries Facebook page.

Let’s Talk About: Dreams — Snakes

Recie Saunders talks more about dreams from a Christian perspective. In this video, he answers a few questions such as:
What should you do with dreams that go without interpretations for a long time?
What do snakes typically mean in dreams?

Let’s Talk About: Dreams — Houses

Recie once again interprets some dreams submitted on the Streams Ministries International Facebook page. This time: What could houses represent?

Let’s Talk About: Dreams — The Tattoo Shop

Follow along with Recie as he recounts a dream he interpreted some years ago. See if you can interpret it before he tells the interpretation!

Let’s Talk About: Dreams — Complicated Dreams

Dreams can be amazing, but what do you do when someone throws a confusing dream your way for interpretation and you have no clue what to do? Recie Saunders comes to the rescue to give an example, and some tips on how to handle it.

Let’s Talk About: Dreams — Someone Dying

Many people have dreams where their mother, father, child, or someone else close to them passes away…what could that mean? Well, as Recie explains, it’s likely not what you think!

Let’s Talk About: Dreams — Sharp Words

Recie clarifies a few things regarding a dream he interpreted in the past with some common dreams symbols like knives and alligators.
*It should be noted that symbols may often mean the same thing in different dreams, but sometimes there are exceptions! This is why the Holy Spirit is so important in dream interpretation. Dreams from God are a personal message to the dreamer, and do not always fit a formula.

Let’s Talk About: Dreams — Authority Over Nightmares

Why do we dream about being in a bathroom? What should we do if we have a nightmare? The answer might surprise you!
Recie, a Streams Certified teacher, gives some more tips about dreams.

Let’s Talk About: Dreams — Children’s Dreams and Seer Gift

If you have children, be sure to pay attention to their dreams as well as yours! In this episode, Recie interprets a dream from a 14 year old girl who has a revelatory gift from God. Why was she climbing a watchtower? Does a seer (prophetic person) always understand what they see? Recie, a Streams Certified teacher, answers these questions and more.

Meet the Spirit of Truth

I was out on the Streets in Austin Texas interpreting Dreams. I met this guys who was into the New Age. We started into a spiritual conversation.. Enjoy!! Recie

He is coming back soon…

Here is an encounter i had with Jesus. November 2009
I am in total agreement with Matthew 24: 36

Meeting the Native Americans

Our issue’s and God plan for our Teenagers

A Father’s heart for his daughter and God’s heart for his Son….Very interesting story of how God restores a Father-Daughter relationship through a dream!!! Don’t ignore your dreams, it might just be the answer you’ve been trusting God for…

God will always provide

Lucid dreaming

No Sleepover

Airplane Encounter

Pay Attention

I put this video together to help us understand that God speaks to us in many different ways. Often times, God speaks and we are not paying attention. In fact, many times when He speaks to us, we brush it aside as our own thoughts, or believe it’s the enemy speaking to us. We are living in interesting times, and we must start paying attention to things in the natural. I hope this helps.

Death-Row To Heaven