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Understanding Children’s Dreams and Nightmares by Recie Saunders

“This book will help you value dreams—and maybe set the stage for a child’s receptivity to God’s truths.”
—Diane Jackson
Wife of John Paul Jackson, founder of Streams Ministries and creator of the TV program Dreams & Mysteries

A child with regular nightmares can easily be dismissed by professionals as just overly imaginative or too sensitive. But for any parent at their wits’ end over their child’s suffering from dreams and nightmares, a deeper understanding is needed. Is it possible that a spiritual dimension is at play?       //
A Parents’ Guide to Understanding Dreams and Nightmares by Recie Saunders offers help to concerned parents. With a clear, easy-to-read style, it is an invaluable resource for all parents who want to help their kids know whether a dream is from God, interpret their nightmares, find security in God’s control, and hear God’s voice in the night season as well as the day.       //

Drawing on his extensive research on the prophetic, visions, and dreams, Recie differentiates between dreams and visions, provides creative ideas for encouraging kids’ faith, explains lucid dreaming, and lists the most common images and symbols that come through dreams. Throughout this approachable book is Recie’s tender, fatherly passion that the kingdom of heaven belongs to the “little children.” Includes a Dream Dictionary and a Dream Journal.

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Remedy: Freedom Through Deliverance by Michael & Bill French

Deliverance ministry is a touchy subject. Just mention the word deliverance, and many people conjure up images of The Exorcist and other media stereotypes. At a time when the world is confused about deliverance, Remedy offers insights on the true authority that Christ intends every believer to walk in. Written by renowned experts Michael and Bill French, this book covers foundational elements and application of deliverance ministry and includes real-life experiences over their 60+ combined years of ministry. The foreword by John Paul Jackson emphasizes the spiritual authority that believers wield in the war raging in people’s lives.

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Dream Stories: Unlocking Night Parables by Michael B. French

Dreams are certainly one of the many ways that God communicates with His people. This book presents over fifty dreams from real people, so that the reader can hear a dream and its interpretation, and then see how it came to pass and affected the dreamer’s life — solid proof that dreams really are telling us something. This book also provides background for dream interpretation and a section about famous people and their dreams.

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TOP-20 Dreams by John Paul Jackson

Dreams about flying, or falling, or where you’re being chased, are all common dreams many of us have had and you may be surprised to know they have common meanings once interpreted. In this book, the meaning of 20 of the most common dreams are revealed, along with tips to understanding how context and important details play a role in changing the dreams meaning.

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Staying Alive! by Angela and Brendan MC Cauley

This is a story about cancer and about  the role what dreams and visions play in our lives. The book can be downloaded for free at this link

There you can find more books by Brendan MC Cauley