The Navigator is the Center for the development of the spiritual potential of man. We work in three directions.

Deliverance. Cleansing of negative energy, destruction of ancestral curses and demonic pressure. If you have ever participated in magical rites, practiced divination cards or candles, witchcraft or someone put a spell on you, you should be aware that any contact with the occult has its consequences.

In our Center you can undergo a spiritual cleansing and get deliverance through touch and communication with the Spirit of Truth.

Interpretation. The interpretation of dreams and visions (the Bible method) reveals the state of your soul, which helps to understand the problem if you have one, reveals the secrets of Heaven, which was laid out in your destiny. The interpretation of dreams reveals the plans of the Creator for your life. Dreams tell us about the present and the future.

Training. The Center produces educational materials: videos, books, courses with which you will be able to understand your calling and get closer to it, will get knowledge of the principles and laws of the spiritual realm. You will be able to affect the physical world, you will be able to learn how to use your spiritual capabilities and acquire the skill of spiritual vision. If you feel you have supernatural gifts, but do not know how to apply them and not to hurt yourself and people around you. Our educational materials will help you to understand it.

The Center of Navigator is not a religious organization.

Recie Saunders, one of the teachers of our Center, talks to a guy on the street…